Recent Issues

Spring 2010: Volume 75, Issue 2

Colloquium Pretext in Peril Natasha T. Martin Responses Pretext Without Context D. Wendy Greene   Anti-Discrimination Law in Peril? Trina Jones   Discrimination Redefined Ann C. McGinley Articles An Economics Perspective on the Exclusionary Rule and Deterrence Michael D. Cicchini   Contract Law, Party Sophistication and the New Formalism Meredith R. Miller Notes Mental Retardation  Continue Reading »


Winter 2010 Volume 75, Issue 1

Articles Ordinary Creativity in Patent Law: The Artist Within the Scientist Amy L. Landers   The Context of Ideology: Law, Politics, and Empirical Legal Scholarship Carolyn Shapiro   The Myth of the Level Playing Field: Knowledge, Affect, and Repetition in Public Debate Jeremy N. Sheff Notes The Demise of Arbitration Agreements in Long-Term Care Contracts  Continue Reading »


Fall 2009 Volume 74, Issue 4

Articles The Misuse of Reasonable Royalty Damages as a Patent Infringement Deterrent Brian J. Love   The Hundred-Years War: The Ongoing Battle Between Courts and Agencies over the Right to Interpret Federal Law Nancy M. Modesitt   A Recipe for Bias: An Empirical Look at the Interplay Between Institutional Incentives and Bounded Rationality in Prosecutorial  Continue Reading »


Summer 2009: Volume 74, Issue 3

Symposium: Mulling Over the Missouri Plan: A Review of State Judicial Selection and Retention Systems Foreword R. Lawrence Dessem   The 2009 Earl F. Nelson Lecture The Essentials and Expendables of the Missouri Plan Sandra Day O’Connor   Special Interest Influence: Balancing Independence and Accountability We Have Met the Special Interests, and We Are They  Continue Reading »


Spring 2009: Volume 74, Issue 2

Articles Who’s Afraid of Redistribution? An Analysis of the Earned Income Tax Credit Jennifer Bird-Pollan   Religious & Philosophical Exemptions to Mandatory School Vaccinations: Who Should Bear the Costs to Society? Anthony Ciolli   Redevelopment Condemnations: A Blight or a Blessing upon the Land? Judge Harold L. Lowenstein   Notes Saving Missouri’s Public Defender System:  Continue Reading »


Winter 2009: Volume 74, Issue 1

Articles A New Approach to Overcoming the Insurmountable “Watershed Rule” Exception to Teague’s Collateral Review Killer Ezra D. Landes   Money, Caregiving, and Kinship: Should Paid Caregivers Be Allowed To Obtain De Facto Parental Status? Pamela Laufer-Ukeles   Due Process Forgotten: The Problem of Statutory Damages and Class Actions Sheila B. Scheuerman   Notes Religious  Continue Reading »


Fall 2008: Volume 73, Issue 4

Symposium: Return to Missouri v. Holland: Federalism and International Law Foreword Margaret E. McGuinness   Missouri v. Holland’s Second Holding Carlos Manuel Vázquez   Missouri v. Holland and Historical Textualism Michael D. Ramsey   Putting Missouri v. Holland on the Map Edward T. Swaine   Resurrecting Missouri v. Holland Peter J. Spiro   What Story  Continue Reading »


Summer 2008: Volume 73, Issue 3

Articles Mistake and Disclosure in a Model of Two-Sided Informational Inputs Michael J. Borden   The Ethical Exploitation of the Unrepresented Consumer Victoria J. Haneman   Tesla, Marconi, And The Great Radio Controversy: Awarding Patent Damages Without Chilling A Defendant’s Incentive To Innovate Christopher A. Harkins   Notes Copycats, Relax! The Federal Circuit Lightens Up  Continue Reading »


Spring 2008: Volume 73, Issue 2

Symposium: A Tribute to Professor David Fischer Foreword: David Fischer, the Fox David F. Partlett   Design Defects David G. Owen   Resuscitating Hospital Enterprise Liability Philip G. Peters, Jr.   The Insubstantiality of the “Substantial Factor” Test for Causation Joseph Sanders, Michael D. Green, William C. Powers, Jr.   Choosing what we mean by  Continue Reading »


Winter 2008: Volume 73, Issue 1

Articles Effective Communication of Warnings in the Workplace: Avoiding Injuries in Working with Industrial Materials Victor E. Schwartz, Christopher E. Appel   Rule 804(b)(6) – The Illegitimate Child of the Failed Liaison Between the Hearsay Rule and Confrontation Clause Anthony Bocchino, David Sonenshein   The Implications of Psychological Research Related to Unconscious Discrimination and Implicit  Continue Reading »