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International Trade Daily (BNA)

Database Name:International Trade Daily (BNA)
Subject(s): International Law & Treaties
Trade & Commerce
Publisher:Bloomberg BNA
Description:The BNA International Trade Daily covers U.S. and foreign trade policy, with a focus on topics such as export incentives, financing, licensing, foreign investments, limits on imports, import relief, and adjustment assistance. This timely bulletin provides rapid, reliable notification of the most significant developments affecting U.S. trade and international business policy and the policies of major U.S. trading partners in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. Review the latest news and trends in U.S. trade policy, including regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments, with unmatched, in-depth coverage. Keep up with new U.S. laws and agency actions likely to have an impact on imports and exports. Examine newly issued trade law rulings from courts and administrative agencies.