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Daily Report for Executives (BNA)

Database Name:Daily Report for Executives (BNA)
Subject(s): Corporate Law
Publisher:Bloomberg BNA
Description:Daily Report for Executives brings you comprehensive, objective coverage of economics, taxes, trade, environment, health care, banking, securities, pensions, antitrust, safety, telecommunications, agriculture, employee benefits, transportation, and regulatory issues. Daily Report for Executives also includes TaxCore®, a Notes- and Web-based component providing essential full-text tax documents, including primary source material from the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax Court, the Treasury Department, and more, along with IRS hearing transcripts. All IRS hearings transcripts, technical advice memoranda, private letter rulings, exemption rulings, general counsel memoranda, actions on decisions, Treasury correspondence under the Freedom of Information Act, and Tax Court memorandum opinions will be included only in the electronic versions of DER and TaxCore®. BNA will continue to provide the thorough summaries of these documents.