Frequently Asked Questions: Columbia, MO

What is the Columbia community like?

For lots of information on Columbia, visit the Convention and Visitors Bureau web site.

I have to relocate to Columbia. What are the housing options for LL.M. students?

LL.M. students can live in any type of housing they choose. On-campus housing options are limited, but are the best option for students who would not have a car for transportation to campus. More detailed information about on-campus housing is on the Residential Life web site. Plenty of privately owned apartments are within walking or driving distance to campus. Students who prefer to live off-campus should try to visit Columbia before enrollment to make the best decision on living arrangements. Contact the LL.M. program coordinator for more information on privately owned rental properties.

I have car and plan to drive to campus each day. How difficult is it to find parking?

Parking at the University can be a challenge. We provide LL.M. students’ names to Parking and Transportation Services before the start of the Fall semester. Parking tags for a nearby parking garage (depending on space availability) may be purchased at the Parking Office, which is at the Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

I do not have a car, what are the public transportation options in Columbia?

The Columbia Transit System provides limited bus service throughout the city. More information on the routes is on the transit system web site.

Can I bring my bicycle to Columbia?

Many University students use bicycles to travel to campus. Whether you will want to use a bike on your route to campus will depend on where you choose to live. The “bike friendliness” of some roads depends on the amount of travel on the road. On campus, there are bike racks outside most classroom buildings, including the law school.

Where is the closest airport to Columbia?

Columbia Regional Airport serves the mid-Missouri region. It is located 10 miles south of Columbia. American Airlines offers daily flights between Columbia and Chicago and Dallas. United Airlines offers daily flights between Columbia and Chicago and Denver. Many travelers also choose to get to Columbia by flying into either St. Louis or Kansas City. They then take a ground shuttle service to Columbia. The St. Louis airport is a two-hour drive away; the Kansas City airport is a two-and-half-hour drive away. A ground shuttle service serves mid-Missouri: MoXpress Service (commonly known as MO-X). Click on the company name to link to their web site.