LL.M. Handbook

Law School Tips

  • Student mail and messages from the faculty and administration are distributed to students through their mailboxes, located in the sub-plaza across from the lounge area, and through students’ MU e-mail accounts.
  • Materials put on Reserve, various Hornbooks, and other frequently used books are located behind the Library Circulation Desk. They may be checked out for two (2) hours at a time.
  • Old Tests and Practice Exams previously given at MU are filed by course at the Library Circulation Desk. They may be checked out to be copied.
  • Handouts/Supplements for classes, when required, are available in the designated bin located in the sub-plaza, at no charge. Long Supplements will be available in the MU Student Center Digiprint for purchase. On occasion, professors will order special materials that students will pay for in the administrative offices of the law school.
  • Class schedules and other information are available on the web site or by contacting Karen Neylon.
  • Course Grades in JD courses are posted in myZou 1-4 weeks after finals. The myZou system also enables students to access their schedule, change their address and biographic data, obtain a statement of fees via e-mail, access course availability, financial aid information, and refund status information.
  • Photocopies can be made on the first, second and third floors of the Library.
  • The Student Lounge, located in the sub-plaza, has televisions, tables for lunch or cards, coat racks, microwave ovens to heat meals and several soda and snack vending machines. The SBA maintain refrigerators and microwaves for those who bring their lunch. Lockers can be rented from the SBA. The charge is determined by the SBA. Football Tickets in one of the SBA blocks are available from the SBA early in the Fall Semester. A married student can purchase two tickets.
  • Elevators run between the sub-plaza level and the third floor in the library and on the north side of the building.
  • Parking at the University can be a challenge. We provide LL.M. students’ names to the Parking and Transportation Services before the start of the fall semester. Parking tags for one of the nearby parking garages (depending on space availability) may be purchased at the Parking Office, which is at the Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2. Do not park in a lot for which you do not have a permit. University Police will ticket and tow. The University Police Department does tow on first violations.