MAALL 2009 Conference

Programs & Events

MAALL 2009 offers innovative and affordable programming in a small conference atmosphere.

Programs and (Sponsors)

  1. Keynote: The Use of Historic Trials in Legal Education
    (AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants Program)
  2. Historical and Theatrical Trial Society Presents U.S. v. Brown
    (Heinonline and University of Missouri School of Law Library)
  3. Famous Trials Digital Collection Development and Use
    (AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants Program)
  4. Women of the Missouri State Supreme Court: Words of Experience
    (MAALL and Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri)
  5. ADR in the Law Library Environment
    (AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants Program)
  6. Copyright Workshop—fair use; course reserves and performance rights; Google Settlement; and campus policies
    (MAALL, MU Libraries, and the University of Missouri School of Law Library)
  7. An Inside Look at State of Oklahoma v. Terry Nichols: Justice Denied or Justice Done?
  8. Automating the Selection, Acquisitions, and Cataloging Functions Using YBP’s GOBI system
  9. Business Information on the Internet
  10. Collection Decisions in Times of Shrinking Budgets
  11. Developing a Teaching Philosophy
  12. Filling the Gap: Teaching Research of International Commercial Arbitration Issues
  13. Gale Digital Collections: "Reliving Law - Reliving History"
  14. Gathering the Documents & (Perhaps) Discovering Legislative Intent: State Legislative History Research
  15. Hein and the COUNTER Initiative
  16. Implementing an Open Source Library System
  17. Knowledge Management Tools
  18. Let's Talk Legal Research Instruction
  19. Let’s Talk Legal Research Knowledge/Skills Assessment
  20. LIPA: Showing the Way in Legal Information Preservation
  21. Now and Into the Future - Can Library Guide Preparation Be Made Easy With LibGuides?
  22. Past, Present, and Future: Development of a Digital Project from Start to Finish (Lloyd Gaines Digital Collection)
  23. Show Me a PLAN, Man! Developing a Strategic Plan: Why You Need to Imagine the Future—and Focus and Shape Your Library’s Destiny
  24. Show Me Something Special: A Look at Special Collections, Special Services & Special Resources in MAALL Libraries
  25. Show Me the Money: “CI to Eye” with Your Marketing Patrons to Assess Needs, Apply Their Insights to Your Future Strategies and Determine the Value of Your Research
  26. Technology Generation Gap in the Legal Workplace
  27. The Next Big Thing: Empirical Legal Research?
  28. Twenty Dollars a Day: Marketing Your Library in Challenging Economic Times: Is It Hard to Market Your Library With Limited Funds and Time?