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Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review

Established in 1993, the Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review (“MELPR”) is an academic journal published three times a year. MELPR focuses on regional and national environmental issues of interest to practitioners and policymakers. While under the umbrella of environmental law, the journal’s broad scope often includes: agriculture, criminal and civil litigation, property, administrative, maritime, and other areas of law.


Volume 18

Issue 2, Spring 2011

Assessing the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing Jesica Rivero Gilbert
A Challenge for Federalism: Achieving National Goals in the Electricity Industry Ari Peskoe
The Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement: The Beginning of the End of Egyptian Hydro-Political Hegemony Abadir M. Ibrahim
What’s in a Label? FIFRA Regulations and the Preemption of State Tort Claims of Label Misrepresentation Kristin R. Michael
In Closing the Door to Environmental Public Nuisance Claims, Did the Fourth Circuit Leave a Window Cracked Katherine E. Vogt
Attempting to (De)Regulate Genetically Modified Crops: The Supreme Court Overrules the Injunction Denying Deregulation of Roundup Ready Alfalfa Christine K. Lesicko
Stop the Beach Renourishment: Why Judicial Takings May Have Meant Taking a Little Too Much Rachel S. Meystedt
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