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Career 411: OCI is only ONE way to get a summer position… here are a few more

Most of you have heard about OCI… and are probably under the impression that this is the ONLY way law students get legal jobs… WRONG!!!  OCI is just one of many different ways students gain summer internships and full-time employment.  In fact 10% or less of the students will gain their employment through OCI, so you need to learn other ways to search for positions and here are a few tips.

1.  Log onto Symplicity– Every day, we are posting positions available to all levels of students on Symplicity, however, if you aren’t logging in, you many not see these opportunities. If you need help setting up saved searches, come and see your career advisor and we would be happy to assist you.

2. Attend Job/Career Fairs– There are multiple career fairs held for law students, including the Mizzou Law Career EXPO, the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference, the Heartland Diversity Fair and others.  Take advantage of attending these conferences to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

3. Check out MOBAR.ORG– The Missouri Bar posts free job postings almost everyday on their website for all over Missouri from everything from prosecutor positions to big firms.  Make a habit of checking this site once a week and you will stay up to date.

4. Talk to your Professors– Regularly your professors know attorneys all over the country and can give you wonderful suggestions on how to land your dream job… utilize their expertise!!!

5. Utilize job boards like– these boards regularly post not only full-time jobs, but legal internships all over the country.

6.– If you want to work in federal government, this is the place the jobs are posted.   They post positions from internships to entry-level all over the world.

7. Contact your Career Advisor– Make a plan for your job search, which depending upon the geographic location or practice area, can be narrowly tailored to your specific situation.  Come and see us to begin drafting your plan.

8. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK– Meet everyone in the legal community you can.  Join bar associations and attend young lawyer section socials.  You may not meet someone who can give you a job, but they may know someone looking, so don’t be shy.

Mizzou Law Career Expo: 2015 Mizzou Law Career Expo

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Uncategorized: January 26-30

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Career 411: Rules to Follow to ask Great Questions During the Interview

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What's going on?: January 20-23

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What's going on?: December 1-5

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Resource Review: The Lawyer’s Guide to Balancing Life and Work

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