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This week’s resource comes from the American Bar Association. The homepage says that this is a resource for lawyers so I expected it to be awesome. I didn’t see anything on the homepage of interest so I decided to click on the link to view all jobs. Many of the jobs posted were specifically for practicing attorneys. Those jobs that weren’t for practicing attorneys were for legal assistants and paralegals. However, I still found this resource to be useful because there are a ton of jobs, all over the country for attorneys and we all will be practicing attorneys sooner than later.

For those interested in this resource, you can also upload your resume to the career center. This is a great way to get exposure to employers who are outside of the state. Additionally, job seekers can sign up to receive emails about jobs that are posted in a specific area which they are interested in. Lastly, there are great tips on how to job hunt and other ways to help your career grow. I found those to be useful even though the jobs posted to the website are mostly for attorneys.

If you are interested in a resource that will give great tips on how to find a job, how to choose a career path and lastly how to thrive in practice, I encourage you to check out the ABA’s Career Center. If you have any questions about this particular resource or any other resources I have written about please stop by the CDO and speak with any of the staff. Until next time. Happy Job Hunting!