I want to let you know how great our Mizzou Law Career Development staff is.  After hearing many of us have an interest in beginning our legal careers in Chicago,  they took the time to plan a weekend trip there for law students.  Along with  staff and students we embarked on our journey to Chicago.  To my surprise, it was a great experience!  Most people think of school trips as boring, however they had a plethora of things planned for us to do.

While the main purpose of the trip was the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference (MPLICC), they took the time to plan out more.  The first day was spent visiting well-known Chicago organizations in the public interest sector.  We were able to learn more about their practices, tour their offices, and meet wonderful people.  Not only was this a great way to meet others, but it was also a wonderful cover letter enhancing tool for those interested in applying to these places in the future.  Following that, Career Development hosted a reception, where we were able to meet and connect with Mizzou and Mizzou Law alumni; both will be helpful networking connections in the future.  This was the conclusion of Friday for the business side of the trip, but afterwards, we were able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner in the Windy City.  One thing I did not plan on, but loved, was the opportunity I had to connect with the other students and staff. 

The conference on Saturday was very nice and we were able to meet a wide variety of legal professionals.  Many opportunities came about from this, and some students even left with job offers!  I encourage you to take advantage of the resources the Career Development office has to offer us.  I truly appreciate their diligence in planning this trip as well as hard work in the hopes of planning other trips to different cities.