Hello All! I am super excited about this week’s resource review.  Once again I have a resource that is all about giving advice and tips.  This week’s Resource Review comes from JD Bliss: Balancing Life and the Law. As soon as I read the title I was excited because we all could use some advice in this area since none of have really ever had to balance real life with the practice of law. We have all heard about how lawyers can get burnt out and how hard it can be to be successful as a practicing lawyer and still having a life.  Well according to the website JD Bliss is “a blog that was launched to provide resources to (i) attorneys seeking greater career satisfaction and work life balance, and (ii) law firms seeking to improve attorney retention.”

Some of the topics discussed on this blog include “How to use LinkedIn to find a job,” “How to increase pro bono work,” and “How to bill hours.”  Some of the topics on this blog don’t necessarily pertain to law students but I still think that there is a lot that can come from just checking this site out.  I found this site easy to navigate and loved that blog posts could be searched by recent posts, categories, and resources.  This site has a lot to offer and I am sure that there is something for everyone.

If you want more information, I would encourage you to talk to Linda Lorenz or any of the other MU CDO Directors.  Until next time Colleagues, Happy Job Hunting!