When I entered Mizzou Law School in Fall 2005, I knew almost nothing about the legal profession.   Being the first one in my family to pursue a legal career, the majority of my knowledge about the practice of law had been gleaned from television shows.  While enrolling in law school is not a decision to be taken lightly, my lack of knowledge benefitted me to the extent that I entered the legal profession with an open mind and without any expectation of what my career path would ultimately look like.

After my first year of law school, I was fortunate enough to secure a law clerk position at the Columbia firm of Oliver Walker Wilson, LLC. At that time, there were eight attorneys at the firm practicing in a variety of areas from family law to medical malpractice and general insurance defense.   Working at OWW was an extremely valuable experience for me because I had the opportunity to learn many of the day-to-day practicalities of practicing law that aren’t taught in law school.  I also had the opportunity to learn a little about different areas of the law, which helped me determine my own personal preferences with regard to what areas I would potentially be interested in pursuing after law school.  

I knew that I ultimately wanted to move to St. Louis, so I spent the Fall of my 2L year  interviewing for summer associate positions at St. Louis firms.  Based on a couple Legal Research and Writing assignments from my 1L year, I had decided that I was interested in learning more about employment law.  Through the help of a law school friend and law school professor who had connections to The Lowenbaum Partnership, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in labor and employment law, I was able to get an interview even though the firm did not have an established summer associate program at that time.  They ended up offering me a position, and I found over the course of the summer that I truly enjoyed labor and employment law.  I also loved the people I worked with, and the firm’s size, at about 25 attorneys, was neither too big nor too small.  My firm offered me a full time position as an attorney at the end of the summer, and the rest is history.  I’ve now been working at The Lowenbaum Partnership as an attorney for 4 ½ years.