Hey guys! I’m sure by now everyone is working hard preparing for classes and trying to find either summer or permanent employment.  I think that this week’s resource will be very helpful for anyone who is looking for employment of any kind.  This week’s resource comes from the Yale Law School Career Development Office and it is a great resource.

I have to be honest that this resource is not typical when you think about job searching.  It does have job postings per se, but it does give some great information and advice on how to determine what type of job you may want, how to apply for that job and lots of tips on what questions may be asked and what qualities you may need.  This resource is awesome because it has guides to just about anything you can think of in the legal field.  It breaks it down from public interest, to law firm practice, to working on Capitol Hill.

I really suggest checking this out whether you know or not what type of law you may be interested in.  The guides can get a little lengthy, but they do contain table of contents so you can get right to what you are looking for. I would even suggest looking through some of the guides that are posted on the site after you have applied for a job so that you know what characteristics and experience to discuss during the interview. It can only help so take a look around for yourself and see what you think.

If you have any questions about this resource or any other resources in this blog don’t hesitate to contact the directors in the Mizzou Law Career Development Office.  Until next time colleagues. Happy Job Hunting!