I hope everyone had the opportunity to attend the Small Firm and Public Interest Expo last Thursday.  We had 51 organizations and 72 representatives in attendance.  Approximately 120 Mizzou Law students walked over to meet the attorneys, 43 of whom were alumni. 

There were fourteen law firms, eleven non-profits, eleven state agencies, nine federal agencies, three city/county government agencies, and one judicial representative that braved the weather and gave of their time to network with students.  The event allowed student to develop new contacts, learn about different practice areas, and to practice the soft skills that are so important in the job search process. 

Now that you have had the opportunity to meet new contacts it is important to follow up.  If you learned about a possible summer or career opportunity you may need to follow up by sending a targeted cover letter, resume, and reference page, as well as any other materials they might have requested.  If you have already applied, it is important to send a thank you note to the person whom you met and explain how you enjoyed talking with them at the Expo.  I recommend a hand-written note to set you apart from other students they spoke with.

Send a thank you note or email to anyone with whom you had a good conversation  and who provided you with helpful information.  Be sure to reference something you spoke about or something in your background to assist the employer in remembering you. 

Asking the attorneys you met to join your LinkedIn network is also a good way of staying in touch.  Instead of using the standard connection email, opt for the “send a message” button.  This will allow you to target your connection request and add how much you enjoyed meeting them at the Mizzou Law Expo.  This will also assist the employer in remembering where they met you.

If the employer gave you someone else to follow up with, be sure you let them know once you have connected with the person they recommended.  This is a way of building the relationship and showing your appreciation.

If you need employer contact information, feel free to contact the Career Development Office, as we will be happy to provide addresses and email information.