I had the best time going with the Career Development crew to Chicago.  I joined several other students, Linda Lorenz, and Kate Busch to visit and talk with practicing attorneys in a number of public interest organizations.  Furthermore, I had the opportunity to network with Mizzou Law Alum, all of whom were very interested in helping Mizzou Law Students in their endeavor to work in Chicago.  

Our trip started off in a caravan including one extended van and car.  Just embarking on our road trip to Chicago was a bonding experience that allowed me to get to know my peers at the law school.  This interaction allowed us to learn about career paths and opportunities that we did not know of before.  I was happy to be going as a group, representing Mizzou Law, while putting on the best impression to those we would meet in Chicago.

I visited the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago.  Not knowing much about the kind of work attorneys do at these places, I was enlightened by the testimony each attorney said about their experience.  Many worked in private practice, but developed a passion for serving the public interest.  I think it was important for me to hear this.  And, I believe that all law students should engage in an activity, like I have here, which gives you a variety of perspective on the work attorneys do outside of the big law firm context.  If there was anything I got out of my experience, it was learning that there are more opportunities to serve people as an attorney and to become passionate about it.

I am thankful for Linda, Kate, Jennifer, Erika, and Dean Key, all of whom are the team in the Career Development office.  They took my commitment in looking for summer work in Chicago seriously, and had me in mind when my interests lined up with a person they met or employment opportunity that became available.  

I encourage anyone who has even the slightest interest in Chicago to go with the Career Development office on their trip next year. You won’t regret it!  I can say that now, especially since I will be working in Chicago this summer because of their guidance and support.