Hey guys! With Spring Break right around the corner, some of you may be considering taking the opportunity to meet up with attorneys during your free time and make some connections. This week’s resource has all the tips you need to be a good networker.

In the book Building Career Connections: Networking Tools for Law Students and New Lawyers by Donna Gerson, you will find out how to avoid the awkwardness that comes along with being a young professional in the legal practice.  Donna has done a great job of giving students the inside scoop on what it takes to be a great networker.  In this book you will not only learn what networking is, but you will also learn how to identify networking sources, initiate contact, how to socialize with confidence  and so many more tools.

As newbies to the legal field we all keep hearing how important networking is but have trouble being good at it. I encourage you to stop by the CDO and check this book out.  You will look at networking in a totally different light and will embrace it.  Have a safe and productive spring break. Until next time colleagues. Happy Job Hunting!