Welcome back everyone! I hope that you all had an opportunity to relax and enjoy Spring Break.  Now that school is back in session, many of you are back to balancing school work and job hunting.  This week’s resource is another book and the title of it is “The Happy Lawyer Handbook” written by Mitchell Nathanson.  Mitchell is a legal writing professor at the Villanova University School of Law and he has some great tips on how to be a happy lawyer while practicing law.

We have all heard stories about how it is easy to get burnt out in the profession and this book gives all the tricks to avoid just that.  There are five chapters in the book and the topics range from how happiness can lead to success to how to deal with student loans.  I know that in this economy it is easy to just take a job for the sake of having a job, and Mitchell even discusses the job market for recent grads.

This book is a great resource because at some point, all of will have to leave the comfort of law school and begin practicing law.  The legal profession can be difficult to handle when you are unhappy and taking some of the tips from this book is a great way to ensure your happiness.

If you are interested in this book or any of the other books I have blogged about feel free to stop by the CDO and check them out.  They are short reads and have some really great advice for young lawyers.  Until next time colleagues. Happy Job Hunting!