Congratulations!  For some of you, you have attended the last law school class (or university class) of your career.  For others, you have two or four more semesters of wonderful educational experiences ahead.  You may be anxious about your summer plans, your employment after graduation, your subleasing arrangements, or various other concerns in your life.

While all these outside issues are important, you may save yourself much stress and angst by prioritizing your time.  As a student, I generally tried to use Stop Day as a time to create a schedule for the upcoming weeks.  First, create a “to-do” list that includes everything from grocery shopping, exercise, and bill paying to studying and job-hunting.  Once you see what needs to be accomplished, it is much easier to carve out time each day to accomplish the non-studying tasks.  Set goals for each day, and be sure to stick to those goals.  If you miss something on your daily list, write it down on another day when you will realistically be able to accomplish the goal.  Don’t forget to schedule time to regroup and rejuvenate following each final!

If you are a 3L, it is ok to put job-searching on a slight hold until finals are over.  Maintain your current networking plans, complete necessary follow-up contacts from recent interviews/visits, but otherwise wait until school is out to resume full-speed searching.  For 1L and 2Ls who have not secured summer employment, it is a good idea to schedule a visit with someone in Career Development to create a manageable to-do list over the next few weeks.  Don’t take too much time away from studying and relaxing, but we can help with a few small steps.

As always, don’t forget the basics:  Drink plenty of water (extra if you are also consuming coffee, soda, and energy drinks), get some exercise, eat well, stay off Facebook, and get plenty of sleep!  As you all know by now, discussing completed finals with your friends is not helpful – don’t do it!  Once you have finished a final, put it out of your mind and focus on your next task.  Remember, we are here to help if anything unexpected arises, or if you simply need to vent, cry, whine or complain.  We understand and will do what we can to make sure the next two weeks go smoothly.

Finally, don’t forget the cookie break in Room 103 on May 15!