Summer vacation has officially started!  As you head off to your summer position or begin studying for the bar, remember that the Career Development staff will be in the office ready and willing to assist.  Contact us by email or phone or if you’re in Mid-Missouri, drop by!  We’d love to see your smiling face.

For 1Ls and 2Ls, please let us know if you have found a summer position or if you are still looking.  It may be late in the process, but we have been receiving job postings every day this week, and we would love to send you an email notifying you of opportunities if you are still looking.  1Ls and 2Ls should take some time in the next month to update your resumes to include your current position, as well as make any changes to your GPA, extracurricular activities, honors, and awards, and your reference list.  Feel free to send it to one of us for feedback.  Regardless of where you are spending your summer, it’s a great time to network with local attorneys, and our office can help you identify alumni and other contacts for purposes of informational interviewing.  Although the CDO will be staffed and open all summer, our members spend the summer doing employer outreach, and each of us hits the road regularly to meet with prospective employers and network with them at local bar events and the various conferences held over the summer.  If you are planning to attend a bar event or networking opportunity, let us know.  You may find that one of us plans to attend, or we can put you in touch with a few alums who may be attending, if it would help you to know that there is a friendly face in attendence.

New graduates, CONGRATULATIONS!  Class of 2013 has been a fantastic class at Mizzou Law, and we will miss you and cheer for you as you enter this next phase of your careers.  If you have not let the CDO know where you will be working after graduation, please drop any of us a quick email or fill out the Graduate Employment Survey.  For those of you who are still seeking employment, please know that we are available to assist you and are interested in knowing where you land.  Please keep in touch!

During the summer, the blog will post twice a week.  We will be spotlighting the “Student View” section.  If you would like to write a blog about your summer experience, please contact Linda Lorenz.

Enjoy your summer!