By Alesha Williams

Hi friends and colleagues! I’ve been navigating an excellent ABA resource online within the Division for Public Services. I’ll provide a link for you all to check it out at the bottom of the page. A lot of times we don’t gage the vast options within public service; however, there’s a committee on Bioethics, National Security, Election Law, and the list goes on.

Something that I got excited for on the website were Podcasts! A podcast is a multimedia digital file that can be downloaded to an mp3 player, computer, etc. The Division for Public Services has numerous Podcasts available to the public on careers and opportunities within different areas of public service law and various ABA Meetings. These podcasts can be downloaded as mp3 files and listened to anywhere!

Furthermore, there is a section on the website specifically for internships and clerkships. As law students and young professionals, we can all appreciate information on legal employment. The Division for Public Services offers internships year round as well as summer legal clerkships. Additionally, there are stipends available for some of the programs.

There is currently a writing competition posted with a cash prize. Check out the website posted below for more details. You won’t be disappointed. Overall I think this is an excellent resource with a plethora of information useful to law students and young lawyers. Be sure to check out their twitter as well.