Do you really want to be a lawyer?  If you’re not sure of the answer to that question, or are just curious about what other opportunities are out there for someone with a J.D., then this book, “Nonlegal Career for Lawyers” by Gary A. Munneke and William D. Hensleefor, is for you! 

This book starts out by discussing when to choose to pursue a non-legal career (it turns out you can choose this pretty much any time!) and what types of careers are good options, and how to find non-legal careers.   The authors give advice about how to evaluate alternative careers using your skill set, the market, and your personal goals.

The rest of the book is divided up into common non-legal career fields for people with J.D.’s.  These sections include business and industry, government, associations and institutions, and entrepreneurial careers.  An aspect I really liked about the book is that throughout each section, there were short vignettes about the different paths that people had taken to end up at their new non-legal careers.   It turns out that there are many options!

As I learned from this book, the average lawyer will have between 5 and 9 jobs in 40 years of practice!  Clearly, there are a lot of career options, aside from being an attorney, for someone with a J.D. and this book provides a great general overview about some non-legal careers.  Also, suggested readings are provided at the end for more in-depth exploration of these alternative careers.  So, if you have ever been curious about what else you can do with your degree, this book is a great starting point for investigating your options!