Hi guys! The United Nations Job Vacancies website reminds me of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The website seems very outdated, but packs tons of useful information. This site could almost certainly assist in searching for a job, especially if you would like to work out of the country.

The homepage of the site is split by new listings, organizations, duty stations, and closing soon. As outdated as the website may be, the basic layout is easy to navigate. Under the main tabs there are sub tabs that stem to United Nations/Government and Other International Organizations. Under duty stations, the stations are listed alphabetically with a number next to it that indicates how many listings are under that duty station. The tabs under duty station separate by listings by either city or country. There are listings across the world including Ireland, France, Ecuador, and Japan.

The most convenient tab, and the tab where I would always start my search on this website is the closing soon tab. This tab shows listing in chronological order based on when they will no longer be accepting applicants. This is helpful in being sure that you don’t miss any upcoming deadlines.

Unfortunately, there is no search option within these tabs. This is the only downside to the outdated interface. However, there is a search tab in the upper right hand corner that is powered by Google, but searches the entire website. I typed legal into this search bar and the search returned several pages of links to job postings including listings in the International Office of Legal Affairs.

Overall, I found this website to be excellent for searching jobs within the United Nations and International Organizations. For those interested in working in either of those capacities should absolutely check out this resource. On the other hand, the interface is very outdated. This has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is the ease of access and navigation. A disadvantage is not having a search bar within the tabs. However, the good outweigh the bad, and I definitely recommend checking it out. Good luck guys!