Worried about finding a job after graduation?  If so, I recommend the book From Lemons to Lemonade in the New Legal Job Market by Richard L. Hermann.  This book examines some of the obstacles new graduates may face during their job search, but more importantly, provides an abundance of advice about how to work around the issues with which you may be confronted.

Section One of the book is titled “The Untapped Legal Job Market.”  This section discusses some of the shortcomings of the legal market and then goes on to talk about a variety of non-traditional options for people with J.D.’s.  Some of these include positions that are J.D. preferred, practicing in a small town, or even teaching law for a paralegal program or for government training programs.  There are even lists with examples of some of these programs so that you may research them to find out more about these careers.

The next section of the book offers advice about the beginning of your job search.  The general message of this section is that it takes effort and understanding of what employers are looking for to land a job.  It is important for law students to market themselves to locations and companies where there is a demand for attorneys.  The author also gives advice in this section about how to analyze job ads and how to avoid common mistakes made during your job search.  Finally, there is an interesting part about mobile job search apps.  While these apps are still being developed further, there are actually a number of legal apps for as little as ninety nine cents that you can put on your phone so that you can conduct your job search from anywhere.  The author provides lists of some apps if you have trouble finding them.

The final section in the book is about proactive legal job search strategies.   This part of the book is all about how to downplay aspects of your resume that may not reflect as well on you (ex. low grades) and how to emphasize the characteristics and experiences that make you an invaluable employee.  There is a lot of information here that would be helpful for people that are looking for their first post-grad job, but also for people looking for their 1L or 2L summer job.

In today’s tough job market, it is essential that you know how to overcome hurdles you may face during your job search.  This book offers great advice about persevering through job search challenges and making your job search as smooth as possible.