This summer I had the opportunity to work for Paradigm Sports Management in Irvine, California. Paradigm Sports Management is a sports agency that provides professional athletes with full service representation. Paradigm Sports Management represents professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and UFC.

The work that I did for Paradigm was not entirely legal based, but rather I had the opportunity to also experience the “business side” of professional sports. To that point, I had the opportunity to work on marketing and branding campaigns for our athletes as well as doing some work in the public relations department of the agency. Additionally, I got to see how sports agents and professional teams work together (not always) and co-exist when negotiating athlete contracts.

When I was not working on marketing campaigns or in public relations, I was doing contract reading, editing, and drafting. My legal assignments included reading and red-lining contracts provided to us from prospective sponsors and endorsers of our athletes. After reading through a contract, I would then be asked to edit any unsatisfactory language as well as make any additional changes including; adding additional clauses, specifying the language of the contract, and ensuring the terms of the contract were those agreed upon by the parties.

Also, Paradigm does account activations for companies looking to enter the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). How this works is an interested company would provide Paradigm with an activation budget. Paradigm would then be tasked with recruiting certain athletes to endorse this company in exchange for a sponsorship fee. My job, under the supervision of one of the attorneys, was to draft up a contract including the negotiated terms between Paradigm and said company. Next, I would draft a second contract to be signed by the sponsored athlete spelling out their contractual obligations in order to receive their sponsorship fee.  

Working for Paradigm was an amazing experience for me because not only did I get to do plenty of legal work, but I also had an opportunity to see how a top-tier sports management firm operates. Additionally, I had an opportunity to see how the “business” side of sports works and get a behind the scene view of how sports agencies and professional leagues and professional teams work together. This was truly an eye-opening experience and look forward to the opportunity to work with such an amazing and professional sports agency such as Paradigm.