Throughout law school and your career it is important to find and maintain balance.  This is a life skill that will assist you in doing your best while being both successful and happy.  Here are four tips to assist you in finding balance:

1.  Exercise:  It is hard to make time for exercise when you have a full schedule and so many things to accomplish. However, exercise can boost your energy level and even impact your ability to concentrate.  I am not suggesting that you run a 5K if you would normally classify your activity level as “couch potato.”  However, a commitment to increasing your exercise slowly and finding time in between study sessions or classes to take a long walk around campus will help both your body and mind. 

2.  Rest:  Let’s face it, law school can be stressful.  Stress can cause fatigue.  Making sure you get enough sleep each night and beginning the day well rested can make a big difference in your attitude and concentration. 

3.  Scheduling:  Make sure to schedule downtime in your busy life.  Set aside time for the special things you like to do and the special people you enjoy.  To do this, you will likely need to schedule these times into your week just as you would a study group or a class.  On a particularly hectic day, it could mean just scheduling 15 to 30 minutes to listen to music, have a coffee with a friend, or doing anything that brings you joy.  This will not only help you maintain balance, but will  recharge your battery!

4.  Give Back:  Take time to give back by participating in a student organization, volunteering in the community, or providing pro bono legal assistance.  This will allow you to utilize your gifts and talents while helping others.  Walking dogs for the humane society, planning a fundraiser for a student organization, or helping out at Mid-Missouri Legal Services’ uncontested divorce clinic can not only give you a feeling of accomplishment but will give you some perspective on why you are working as hard as you are, and can help renew your commitment to your ultimate goals.

A balanced life can feel unattainable as you glance at your to do list. By the time you attend classes, study, work, sleep, and manage daily chores of life, it may feel like there is no time for fun and relaxation.  A balanced life is as individual as you are!  Only you can decide what balance looks like in your life.  However striving for a healthy relationship between your personal and work life is an important skill to develop and strive for as you begin your law career.