Have a question about what being a practicing attorney is like?  Excellence in the Workplace: Legal and Life Skills, by Kay Kavanagh and Paula Nailon, has information about a little bit of everything related to being a lawyer – from overcoming shyness, to how adults learn information, to salary negotiation.  It is divided into thirty seven short chapters which allow the reader to skip around from topic to topic.   Also, each chapter is divided into multiple sections that are often a couple of paragraphs long, so if you just have a quick question (ex. how to go about delegating work to others), you can quickly find that section and read the authors’ advice.

While this book may seem more daunting than some others because of its length (over 400 pages), it is actually very entertaining and because it is divided so much, you can easily skip over parts that you are not interested in reading.  Each chapter begins with an applicable quote, and ends with a series of anonymous student journal entries.  The journal entries were some of my favorite parts because they provided some humor and related some of the concerns and experiences that other students have had.

Within the chapters, the important points and phrases are emphasized in bold print.  This also helps to ease the reading of the book because you can quickly get the jest of the section without having to read completely.  For example, in the chapter about networking you can skim the couple of pages in a matter of seconds and find several suggested networking opportunities in bold print.

Overall, this book is a great resource if you would like some brief information about almost any topic related to being a lawyer.  It is easy to skim quickly for information, but is also an entertaining and informative book if you want to read it thoroughly.  I highly recommend it for any student who has more questions about the life of a lawyer.