I had a wonderful experience at the Attorney General’s office this summer. I worked in the Criminal Appeals division writing appellate briefs representing the state in criminal felony cases. Although I had written a brief before during 1L year, I enhanced my writing skills by producing seven briefs this summer. I never wrote about the same specific topic twice. My briefs varied from post-conviction relief cases, to direct appeals including a child sexual abuse case, a persistent DWI offender case and assault with a deadly weapon charges. Even though I wasn’t specifically interested in criminal law before this experience, applying such unique facts in these cases challenged me and revealed a passion within me I didn’t know I had.

Not only did I enhance my writing and depth of knowledge of criminal law, I also learned how to read an entire case file and identify important information relevant to the legal issues. These skills have already been beneficial to my classwork my 3L year. This semester I am enrolled in the prosecution clinic and appellate advocacy.  Because I am more familiar with certain criminal charges, terminology, and brief writing I feel as though I better understand both classes. I hope to take these skills and the feedback I received from this internship and use them not only in my classwork but also in my future career.

One of the best parts of the internship that I really enjoyed was the hands on experience I received: I was doing the same work as the other attorneys in the office and after some editing by my supervisor, submitted my actual brief to the appellate courts. Although I wished I could have observed more courtroom proceedings, the internship program at the AG’s Office kept us busy with field trips, tours, and community service.  Getting to know the other interns in the building was also a great experience. Together we completed a Habitat for Humanity Project, networked at happy hours, and beat the attorneys at the annual intern-attorney softball game. Getting to know my fellow students and other law students from out of state was an experience I won’t forget.

Overall, I feel like this internship has opened my eyes to areas of the law I never considered practicing before. Although I do not have a job lined up after law school, I would consider working at the Attorney General’s office. Meeting the Chiefs of each division over breakfast was another aspect of the internship I enjoyed. Sitting down and talking with these leaders about the amazing work they do also inspired me to find my passion within public works. Feedback from my supervisor helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as a potential future employee.  I am very grateful to have had this experience and I hope other law students also consider spending a summer at the AG’s office.