Missouri prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor and felony offenses.  The Missouri State Public Defender System provides legal representation to all indigent citizens accused of or convicted of crimes in Missouri. The Missouri State Public Defender employs approximately 350 full-time attorneys. Both the Missouri State Public Defender and the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services have links to jobs within each of their respective offices posted on their sites.

The Missouri State Public Defender (“MSPD”) encourages interested law students to submit an application for employment prior to graduation. On the Public Defender site there are links along the side and then sublinks from there. I believe that many students will find the employment sublinks to be very useful in their job search. The link “How to Apply” states in detail how the Public Defender System handles vacancies, in how to find and apply to vacancies as well as how long they leave each vacancy posted. They also have a sublink for internships and employment for 3L students. The MSPD offers students the opportunity to provide meaningful help to those with the greatest needs. Students will also receive training from experienced criminal defense attorneys. The MSPD site also has a link called “Working for MSPD” that talks about living in Missouri, salary, benefits, training, and diversity.

The Office of Prosecution Services site is a little less expansive, but does include a link to employment opportunities, which also includes a link to Missouri Attorney General employment opportunities. The Prosecuting employment opportunities include information on the salary for that position and how to apply.

Overall, I would definitely encourage students who are interested in criminal law opportunities within Missouri to frequent both of these sites. Good luck!