How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Socializing In Person and Online is a book by Susan RoAne, who is known as “The Mingling Maven”™.  The book provides techniques on how to socialize and feel comfortable in business networking situations.

Available for checkout in the Career Development Office, the book identifies the things that prevent us from developing new contacts and provides head-on solutions to those inhibiting factors, as well as covers starting conversations, using humor, and proper etiquette.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part identifies and addresses five roadblocks. The next part includes steps for planning and preparation, strategies for starting and ending conversation, and the key to lively conversation. The final part is about socializing in different situations including a cocktail party and conference.

The author includes a chapter on the ten commandments of connecting, and answers frequently asked questions. The purpose of this book is to help individuals to be more comfortable, confident, competent, and successful when socializing within a business atmosphere. It addresses the things that inhibit us from approaching events with ease and enthusiasm. Spotlighting the inhibiting factors, the book then addresses what you can do to make networking events more comfortable, pleasant, and fun.

I would definitely recommend that students read this book in order to calm their nerves while socializing in business settings. Starting successful conversations with strangers is quite nerve wrecking and proves to be difficult for a lot of students. This book will definitely help to smoothly transition into and out of conversation.