Are you curious about being a law clerk?  If so, the Federal District Court Law Clerk Handbook By Calvert G. Chipchase may answer many of your questions.  This is a great resource regardless of your level of knowledge about the Federal Courts.  The handbook starts off giving a general overview of the U.S. court system, introduces you to essential court staff, and familiarizes you with the process of a federal action.

The handbook then goes on to describe the duties of a law clerk.  Some of these duties include writing memos, announcing the call of the court, and dealing with mail.  The book gives some valuable tips on applying for clerkships and making a good impression when you begin a clerkship.  Finally, the book concludes with general information such as a glossary, a jury instruction sheet, and sample transcripts.

Overall, this book can be useful to anyone applying for a judicial clerkship.  However, it is tailored to clerkships at the Federal District Court level so it provides some more specific details for those particular courts. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in clerkships, especially at the federal level.