Spring break is over and summer is looming closer. Students still looking to land a summer position are starting to feel stressed.  Relax, there is still time to locate a great experience for the summer.   Consider these five tips:

1)  Utilize your resources.  Make an appointment to visit the Career Development Office; your adviser is there to help you and would be happy to discuss possible options.  You might also create a “search agent” on Symplicity that will run a search for you on a regular basis, keeping you up-to-date on the new postings in your geographical preference area as they are posted.

2)  Stay in touch.  Let the contacts you have made throughout the year know that you are looking for a summer position.  Talk to your professors, family friends, attorneys you have met through networking, let everyone know what you are interested in doing this summer.  Follow up with employers you met at the Small Firm and Public Interest Expo.  The more people that know you are looking, the better chance you have of hearing of a new opportunity.

3)  Keep applying.  This might sound basic, but applying for one position and waiting to hear if you receive an offer, limits your opportunities.  While waiting to hear back from a firm or agency, keep searching and applying to new positions.

4) Stay positive.  Maintain confidence and a forward thinking attitude.  Don’t let negative self-talk derail your job search.  When you are called for an interview, you want to project confidence, not desperation.

5) Be seen.  Make time to meet people. Go to the bar association meetings, attend networking events, schedule informational interviews.  All of these activities will help you meet new contacts that might be able to assist you with locating summer employment now or in the future.

Once you have landed a position, be sure to inform not only the Career Development Office, but also your contacts.  Keeping your network up to date on where you are working and what you are doing is a good way of keeping in touch.