In The Independence Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Attorney, Marina Modlin offers firsthand advice on making a temporary or permanent career out of performing legal services for other lawyers and firms.

In Part One, the author gives a general introduction to the world of freelance legal work and how her business model varies from typical freelance attorney jobs. She then provides a brief overview of the pros and cons of freelance work.

Parts Two and Three discuss various business decisions, including whether to work as a solo practitioner or as an entity, which type of entity (if any) to form, and when to form such an entity.  The author also gives advice about maintaining a healthy work-life balance while working for oneself, deciding what kind of physical office materials (such as office space, telephone, and computer) to purchase, and finding trusted advisers, such as an accountant, bookkeeper, marketing specialist, and business coach. Part Three concludes by offering tips on how to manage a professional bank account and develop and promote one’s own brand.

Part Four is devoted to meeting new clients and developing relationships with them. The author offers tips for various situations, ranging from formal networking events to social media websites.

In Part Five, the author provides a series of practical tips for completing legal work. These tips include avoiding conflicts of interest, conducting legal work for friends and family, utilizing legal research resources effectively, conducting oneself professionally in general, dealing with difficult clients, and communicating via letter, email, and telephone.

Overall, the book is a great resource for anyone considering performing any freelance legal work. It is a quick and simple read, and each chapter concludes with a bullet-point summary of the chapter’s most important information. Finally, although the book is geared specifically toward aspiring freelancers, much of the practical advice given is helpful for all attorneys.