If you’re interested in working in the St. Louis area after graduation, then you’ll want to check out the website of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) (bamsl.org). The website is divided into seven main sections, but some features are available only to BAMSL members.

The first section focuses on general information about BAMSL, including its history and a general overview of what the bar association does. This section also contains BAMSL’s contact information, its mission statement and bylaws, and a link to the St. Louis Bar Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the bar association.

The next section lists ways in which individuals can become involved with BAMSL. First, there is the option to become a member, and law students can join for free. This section also offers a calendar of upcoming events – both social and professional – that can serve as great networking opportunities. It’s also possible in this section to register for community service and pro bono opportunities specific to the St. Louis region. In addition to these opportunities, the third section offers a calendar of CLE events, including those conducted via webcast.

The fourth section of the website is devoted specifically to membership matters. The benefits of membership – both general and tangible – are described, but some, such as access to the publication archives, can be accessed only by current members. This part of the website also describes the committees and sections that members can join, such as the Women in the Legal Profession Section, the Young Lawyers Division, and Community Service Committees.

The next section pertains largely to the public, offering resources such as a senior citizen handbook, a checklist for home loan borrowers, and the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Law students perusing the website, however, may be more interested in the Legal Placement Services section, in which employers post available jobs.

Finally, the last two sections are geared more toward the public in general and offer information about law-related education programs (which include more community service opportunities for BAMSL members) as well as BAMSL’s publications, The St. Louis Lawyer and the St. Louis Bar Journal.

Overall, BAMSL’s website offers a great starting place for students who are seeking to break into or stay involved with the legal scene in St. Louis. The site provides several opportunities to volunteer or network, and the publications can help students stay abreast of current topics of regional interest.