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Career 411

Finding Balance

Throughout law school and your career it is important to find and maintain balance.  This is a life skill that will assist you in doing your best while being both successful and happy.  Here are four tips to assist you in finding balance: 1.  Exercise:  It is hard to make time for exercise when you have  Continue Reading »

Be an Email Ninja!

by Resa Kerns, Associate Law Librarian for Emerging Technologies Texting, instant messaging, and social platforms have become the communication channels of choice for many of us these days. But to paraphrase Missouri native son, Mark Twain, the reports of email’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Email is still very much alive in the business and  Continue Reading »

Telephone Etiquette

Rethinking Time Management

by Cindy Bassett,  Electronic Services Librarian Time is the Holy Grail in law school. There is never enough time to do everything and everything feels like a priority.  Work, play, sleep, study, exercise, planning for the future, even eating a meal can feel like it is a task to be scheduled.  It may not sound like  Continue Reading »

Professional Correspondence Tips

During law school, you will be making the transition from using email to correspond with friends, family, and professors to using email as professional correspondence to employers and networking contacts.  Here are a few tips you assist in the transition.  Subject line:  The subject line should give the reader an explanation of the purpose of  Continue Reading »

How to Advance Your Career this Summer (Even if You Are Not Working)

Making the Most Out of Your Summer: Seize Opportunities

Summer is here and you are honing your legal skills at a law firm, government agency or non-profit.  You want to work hard and learn a lot.  But how will you spend your free time?  Summer is the perfect time to seize opportunities and build invaluable connections to help you move forward in your career.  Here are a  Continue Reading »