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Benefits of a Career File

Law school is a great time to begin a Career File if you do not have one already.  A Career File is an organized approach to keeping and maintaining all your records that might be needed for updating a resume, filling out a long application (particularly government ones), or writing a bio for your law  Continue Reading »

You Are Not Just a Law Student, You Are a Future Lawyer

Your image as a legal professional begins during law school.  Law school peers, your professors, school administrators, and outside attorneys with whom you come into contact will form opinions about your character and work ethic based on how you act and what you say.  Those opinions can positively or negatively affect your career in ways  Continue Reading »

Generosity and Gratitude: Two Qualities of a Great Student, Lawyer, & Human

Thank you.  Anytime you hear those two words, directed towards you, it creates a distinct feeling.  We all enjoy knowing when we have helped another individual, no matter how large or small the assistance.  Lawyers and professionals are no different.  It is vital to your career and to humanity to practice gratitude, especially through your  Continue Reading »

Law and Order: Professional Dress Unit

Through the course of your law school career and beyond, you will be required to (1) know the meaning of “professional dress” and (2) be capable of displaying professional dress at appropriate times.  Most of the tips below are directly related to interviews, and a little leeway may be given for other “professional dress” situations.   Continue Reading »

One Little Typo: What Employers Really Think

Writing skills are the keystone of a legal career.  How you express yourself is vitally important.  In any memo or document you write, proofreading is essential.  We have all written something, proofread it several times, just to have a second party point out an error! Perhaps you have occasionally written something that seemed very clear and succinct  Continue Reading »

Financial Behavior – It Does Make a Difference

By Jeff Turnbull Ask yourself; am I aware of my financial behavior?  Do I become frustrated from the consequences of my financial choices?  Do I continue the same financial behavior and expect different results? The first step in taking control of your financial life is to begin thinking about what you are doing financially.  In  Continue Reading »

Take Responsibility For Your Money

by Jeff Turnbull Law school will be one of your most expensive investments and having a financial plan is central to your financial success.  For most law student’s debt is a part of life and federal student loans for example are debt, but they can also be a sound investment in your future if used  Continue Reading »