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Conducting Skype Interviews with Confidence

Skype interviewing is gaining popularity with employers as an effective method for screening candidates when location prohibits a face to face interview.  Like the phone interview, Skype or other online video interviewing services require different preparation. At Mizzou Law, the Tech Suite (room 111) is set up for both Skype interviews and Point to Point  Continue Reading »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Phone Interviews

How different is a phone interview from a one-on-one interview?  Often a phone interview is the first step in the recruiting process when the candidate and the prospective employer are not geographically convenient or when the cost of travel to get to the location isn’t warranted at this point in the process.  The employer’s goal is  Continue Reading »

Six Tips That Will Help You Stand Out During On-Campus Interviews

On Campus Interviews (OCI) can be hectic and stressful.  They are, after all, screening interviews meant to narrow the pool of applicants.  How can you stand out from the crowd and score a call back interview?  Here are a few pointers that will help you leave a positive impression: Do your Homework – Basically, employers want to know what  Continue Reading »

Navigating OCI (On-Campus Interviewing)

If you are getting ready to dig into the OCI schedules and applications for the fall, be sure to check out the information below regarding deadlines and how to apply.  Also, please read the OCI Guide that is posted on the Career Development TWEN page.  You can already view OCI employers by selecting the OCI  Continue Reading »

Target Your Market: Application Materials That Get The Job Done

Preparing your materials for an internship or job opening is really about marketing yourself.  You want to show the employer that you have not only the skills to get the job done but that you will also fit into their internal culture.  In order to market yourself, you need to learn about the firm or  Continue Reading »

Benefits of a Career File

Law school is a great time to begin a Career File if you do not have one already.  A Career File is an organized approach to keeping and maintaining all your records that might be needed for updating a resume, filling out a long application (particularly government ones), or writing a bio for your law  Continue Reading »

You Are Not Just a Law Student, You Are a Future Lawyer

Your image as a legal professional begins during law school.  Law school peers, your professors, school administrators, and outside attorneys with whom you come into contact will form opinions about your character and work ethic based on how you act and what you say.  Those opinions can positively or negatively affect your career in ways  Continue Reading »