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Practitioner’s Corner

Katie Jeter-Boldt, ’07 – Staff Attorney for the Missouri Housing Development Commission

From the moment you started law school, people have been crawling out of the woodwork to tell you the secret of success as a lawyer.  From your Great Uncle Herbert to the 3Ls loitering in the common areas, everyone has a completely different answer.   Some will tell you public interest is the only way to  Continue Reading »

Capt. Andrew R. Norton, `06 – Judge Advocate General for the USAF

Probably one of the most unique aspects of being a military lawyer is the opportunity to change assignments every couple years.  As I transition from my current position as a military justice instructor at The Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School in Alabama to my next assignment as a Senior Defense Counsel in Virginia, it  Continue Reading »

Vincenzo M. Iuppa, `10 – Staff Attorney for the Missouri National Education Association

The general advice you receive when you transition into law practice is to be aware of your work-life balance, get enough sleep, don’t drink too much, exercise, etc. But nothing you are told prepares you for the moment when the tissue-thin paper and sterile ink of a textbook transmutes into a living, breathing person, likely  Continue Reading »

John Ayres, ‘06 – In-House Counsel for a California-based Biotech

Jennifer Bukowsky ’06, Changing Directions in Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes the pursuit of happiness requires changing directions.  And you may have to change directions more than once to succeed.  It took me three times.  The first big decision I made to change directions in my career was when I decided to go to law school.  Prior to law school I obtained my CPA and  Continue Reading »

Whitney Pile Cooney ’08 – Attorney at The Lowenbaum Partnership, LLC

When I entered Mizzou Law School in Fall 2005, I knew almost nothing about the legal profession.   Being the first one in my family to pursue a legal career, the majority of my knowledge about the practice of law had been gleaned from television shows.  While enrolling in law school is not a decision to  Continue Reading »

Susan Glass ’98, Deputy Director/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor