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Spotlight on the Profession


by Kate Busch ’07 Many people tend to equate prosecution with Jack McCoy from Law and Order – exciting cases with the “smoking gun” evidence to stun the jury.  In reality, prosecution can be quite exciting, but we rarely have the type of evidence seen on the various Law and Order and CSI television shows.   Continue Reading »

Trial Attorney

By Monty Platz ’03, Assistant Attorney General The trial attorney is a mix of artist, teacher, actor, and lawyer.  A trial must be creatively assembled to best communicate and educate others on one’s message, and such must be channeled by the presence, charisma, and logic of its advocate – the trial attorney.  Jurors (and judges)  Continue Reading »

Transactional Real Estate Law

By Troy A. Rule, Associate Professor of Law Almost every successful company needs physical space in which to operate.  Consequently, businesses of all kinds are routinely engaged in buying, selling, developing, or leasing real property.  Whether the space involved is a small warehouse or a towering office building, such transactions typically require the involvement of  Continue Reading »

US Department of Justice

Students interested in working for the federal government often think first about the US Department of Justice.  Headquartered in Washington, DC, the department has field offices in every state and maintains offices in over 100 countries worldwide.  It is the world’s largest legal employer with more than 10,000 attorneys working in the states. Attorneys with the  Continue Reading »

Family Law

by: Dean Lisa Key When people think of practicing family law, they typically think of representing individuals in divorces. While divorce cases may make up most of a family law attorney’s practice, the practice of family law often includes other matters, such as adoptions, surrogacy arrangements, grandparents’ rights, guardianships, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, paternity establishment,  Continue Reading »

Bankruptcy Law

By Michelle Arnopol Cecil, William H. Pittman Professor of Law Bankruptcy is a federal law practice that focuses on harmonizing the rights of debtors and creditors. The dual goals of bankruptcy are to provide overburdened debtors with a fresh start, free from the debts that forced them into bankruptcy, and to provide for the orderly  Continue Reading »

Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)

In honor of National Celebrate Pro Bono Week, October 21 -27, I wanted to write about Illinois’ Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI), an organization based in Chicago that is celebrating its 35th year of work for the public sector.  PILI’s mission is to cultivate a lifelong commitment to public interest, a goal it accomplishes by creating opportunities for  Continue Reading »