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Resource Review: Women-At-Law: Lessons Learned Along the Pathways to Success

Even with the legal world becoming more modern, law is still a traditionally male dominated field. This means that female attorneys may encounter some different challenges than their male coworkers. “Women-At-Law” by Phyllis Horn Epstein addresses a wide array of issues ranging from sexism to dating.

One of the aspects about this book that I found interesting was that it addressed some of the real world issues that women face being attorneys. Balancing work and family is a common issue with all attorneys, but this can be especially difficult for women. This book addresses difficulties women may face with pressure to start families, maternity leave, and feeling guilty about not spending more time with their children. Although these can be struggles for some women, the author does give some great ideas as to how women can create situations that will work for them and find a great balance between work life and family life.  Options such as flexibility in your job can be a great help (for example, having your own firm or working from home) or working part time are suggested as just some of the steps women can take to find a better balance.

The book also discusses some more basic concepts about being a woman in the legal field such as how to dress, how to act in court, and various types of job opportunities. These chapters are widely applicable and reinforce much of the same advice and information that is taught during the 1L Bootcamp here at Mizzou. So, if you need a refresher this book is a great resource for you! Overall, the main message from the author is that although women in the legal field may face some of the same challenges, each person must find her own path and decide what will work best for her life in making career choices.

What's going on?: September 2-5

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Spotlight on Pro Bono: Heart of Missouri CASA

Every year, more than 260 abused and neglected children in Boone and Callaway Counties are placed in foster care because they are unable to live safely at home. Once the children in these circumstances become part of the legal system, dozens of individuals enter their lives such as: police, foster parents, therapists, social workers, judges,  Continue Reading »

Resource Review: 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview

It is always a great idea to have several questions prepared beforehand when you go into an interview.   However, the quality of the questions is important, not just the fact that you have questions. In the book “201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview” by John Kador, the author explains that questions are an important  Continue Reading »

Career 411: DOs and DON’Ts for Callback Interviews

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What's going on?: August 25-29

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Resource Review: Working as a Freelance Attorney

In The Independence Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Attorney, Marina Modlin offers firsthand advice on making a temporary or permanent career out of performing legal services for other lawyers and firms. In Part One, the author gives a general introduction to the world of freelance legal work and how her business model varies  Continue Reading »