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Etiquette Advice for the Professional World

With the help of The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success, a book by Beverly Langford, readers learn the ins and outs of business etiquette that will help improve relationships, advance their careers, and avoid awkward situations in the workplace. A copy of this resource is available in the Career Development Office. The  Continue Reading »

The Versatile Law Degree

The NEW What Can You Do with a Law Degree?, authored by Larry Richard & Tanya Hanson, is a book that provides job seekers with a process for finding the job most satisfying for his or her individual identity. A copy of this resource is available in the Career Development Office. The book begins with  Continue Reading »

Creating a Satisfying Career

In The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Professional Satisfaction, author and career coach Michael Melcher guides readers through an interactive process to create the greatest level of satisfaction possible from their careers. A copy of this resource is available in the Career Development Office. As the author makes clear at the outset, this  Continue Reading »

From Law School to Law Practice

From Law School to Law Practice: The New Associate’s Guide, produced by the American Law Institute and the American Bar Association, is a book aimed at fledgling attorneys starting out at larger law firms and in-house corporate legal departments. The book is broken up into four sections, and each one discusses certain expectations of firms  Continue Reading »

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

Nervous about interviews?  If so, 101 Greatest Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions  by Ron Fry, is a great book offering an inside view of what employers look for in your answers to their toughest questions.  The book is divided into ten chapters each addressing common types of interview questions.   Though some of the questions  Continue Reading »

Choosing Small Choosing Smart

Are you interested in building your career at a small firm?  If so, this book, Choosing Small Choosing Smart: Job Search Strategies for Lawyers in the Small Firm Market”, by Donna Gerson, Esq. will be a fantastic resource for any questions you have about small firms – from preparing for interviews to opening a solo practice.   Continue Reading »

How to Succeed in Private Practice – Tip #1

 by Chip Gentry  “What if I am not successful?”  “What if I am not very good at bringing in clients?”  “What if I can’t handle the pressure?”  Those and other questions are common.  If you could remove fear from all of your decisions, how many more things would you try?  In my opinion, when one  Continue Reading »