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How to “Maximize Your Lawyer Potential”

Succeeding in Today’s Job Market

Vincenzo M. Iuppa, `10 – Staff Attorney for the Missouri National Education Association

The general advice you receive when you transition into law practice is to be aware of your work-life balance, get enough sleep, don’t drink too much, exercise, etc. But nothing you are told prepares you for the moment when the tissue-thin paper and sterile ink of a textbook transmutes into a living, breathing person, likely  Continue Reading »

Job Quest for Lawyers

The Opportunity Maker

You want to be a “rainmaker.”  Rainmaking is the practice of generating business for yourself as an attorney, and creating opportunities to further your legal career.  In today’s legal market, forming connections with people is vital.  This book, “The Opportunity Maker” by Ari L. Kaplan, is a great tool to help you find ways to create  Continue Reading »

JD Bliss: Balancing Life and the Law

Hello All! I am super excited about this week’s resource review.  Once again I have a resource that is all about giving advice and tips.  This week’s Resource Review comes from JD Bliss: Balancing Life and the Law. As soon as I read the title I was excited because we all could use some advice  Continue Reading »

Trial Attorney

By Monty Platz ’03, Assistant Attorney General The trial attorney is a mix of artist, teacher, actor, and lawyer.  A trial must be creatively assembled to best communicate and educate others on one’s message, and such must be channeled by the presence, charisma, and logic of its advocate – the trial attorney.  Jurors (and judges)  Continue Reading »