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informational interviewing

Etiquette Advice for the Professional World

With the help of The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success, a book by Beverly Langford, readers learn the ins and outs of business etiquette that will help improve relationships, advance their careers, and avoid awkward situations in the workplace. A copy of this resource is available in the Career Development Office. The  Continue Reading »

It’s Who You Know: The Magic of Networking

It’s Who You Know is a book by Cynthia Chin-Lee, a graduate of Harvard University, about networking. A copy of this book is available in Career Services. The book is essentially a guide on how to expand personal and business contacts through networking in person and on the Internet. It highlights the importance of networking  Continue Reading »

Importance of Informational Interviews

Before you start your job search, conducting several Informational Interviews can serve you well.   The purpose of an Informational Interview is not to inquire about a job, but learn about a practice area, agency or firm.  During the interview, you are asking questions of an attorney, seeking information that will assist you in refining and focusing  Continue Reading »