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The Opportunity Maker

You want to be a “rainmaker.”  Rainmaking is the practice of generating business for yourself as an attorney, and creating opportunities to further your legal career.  In today’s legal market, forming connections with people is vital.  This book, “The Opportunity Maker” by Ari L. Kaplan, is a great tool to help you find ways to create  Continue Reading »

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

Hey guys! Its the last week of classes! Since this will be my very last blog post I want to say that it has been a pleasure to research resources and share them with you all. This week’s review is on another resource that both students and young lawyers can use. It is a book  Continue Reading »

Behavioral Interviewing

You may have heard of behavioral based interviewing before or even been asked behavioral questions in an interview.  However, you may not be aware that there is a specific formula for answering this type of question.  A behavioral based question normally starts out with  ” Give me an example of a time when . . .  Continue Reading »

January 21 – 25

Welcome Back!  Hope everyone enjoyed a restful break and are ready for an exciting semester.  This week on Thursday, January 24th, the Career Development Office will have HUSCH BLACKWELL Day.  Their attorneys and recruiters will be sponsoring various events for Mizzou Law students. At 1:00 to 1:50 on Thursday, come hear their legal recruiters and attorneys discuss the “Do’s and Dont’s”  Continue Reading »

The All Important First Question of an Interview

When interviewing prospective employees, many interviewers form a strong opinion of the candidate in the first few minutes.  All candidates want to make sure that they create a positive impression by jump-starting the interview with a powerful answer to the very first question. Many interviewers begin their interview with the  familiar “Tell me about yourself.”  The purpose of this question is  Continue Reading »

Interviewing 101

Guide to Putting Your Best Foot Forward Human Resource industry experts estimate that an interviewer decides whether or not to seriously consider you as a candidate during the first two minutes of the interview. How well you are dressed, how polite you are, and how confident your handshake is will all be assessed upon meeting  Continue Reading »