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JD advantage

JD Careers Out There

Hi everyone! I hope that you all are doing well and that you all are learning something from the resources I have been recommending. As always, this week’s resource is one that is extremely helpful. JD Careers Out There or JDCOT for short is a web blog geared towards providing career advice to lawyers and  Continue Reading »

Alternative Lawyer Jobs

Hey guys! I hope that your job searching is going well. This week’s resource is the blog “Alternative Lawyer Jobs” at . With there being so many alternative careers for lawyers this blog lists jobs that are both legal and non-legal alternatives to the legal career. This site posts jobs from all over the  Continue Reading »

Idealist Website

Hey guys! I hope that you all are well and are having a great semester. This week’s resource is Idealist. Idealist is a one stop shop for those who just want to be active in the world and do great things. On the idealist website job seekers will find not only job opportunities but also  Continue Reading »