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Hi guys! Today I checked out the ReliefWeb site, which is provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. I found a wealth of information for those humanitarians amongst us. I’d like to think we all want to promote human welfare. The first thing that I looked at on the website  Continue Reading »

Job Quest for Lawyers

This book, “Job Quest for Lawyers” by Sheila Nielsen, is one of my favorite resources that I have reviewed so far.   At first I was unsure if I would enjoy it because the book is told as if you are actually on a medieval quest, so it involves a lot of knights/wizards/ogres, which is a little  Continue Reading »

The Opportunity Maker

You want to be a “rainmaker.”  Rainmaking is the practice of generating business for yourself as an attorney, and creating opportunities to further your legal career.  In today’s legal market, forming connections with people is vital.  This book, “The Opportunity Maker” by Ari L. Kaplan, is a great tool to help you find ways to create  Continue Reading »

May 13 – 17

In less than five days, you will have finished another round of final exams.  For those of you who are reading this while still slugging through finals, keep positive.  You will make it, and it will feel so good when you do.  Until then, remember all the cliché words of advice – eat well, get  Continue Reading »

April 29 – May 3

This week at Mizzou Law, 3L’s will want to attend the workshop Job Search Success After Graduation on Monday, April 29th at 1:00 to 1:50 in Room 3.  Receive great tips for conducting a job search while studying for the bar, and learn specific techniques for managing stress and frustration.  The event qualifies for Professional Perspectives and  Continue Reading »

Idealist Website

Hey guys! I hope that you all are well and are having a great semester. This week’s resource is Idealist. Idealist is a one stop shop for those who just want to be active in the world and do great things. On the idealist website job seekers will find not only job opportunities but also  Continue Reading »

Importance of Informational Interviews

Before you start your job search, conducting several Informational Interviews can serve you well.   The purpose of an Informational Interview is not to inquire about a job, but learn about a practice area, agency or firm.  During the interview, you are asking questions of an attorney, seeking information that will assist you in refining and focusing  Continue Reading »