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August 19 – 23

Missouri Bar Foundation

Job Quest for Lawyers

The Opportunity Maker

You want to be a “rainmaker.”  Rainmaking is the practice of generating business for yourself as an attorney, and creating opportunities to further your legal career.  In today’s legal market, forming connections with people is vital.  This book, “The Opportunity Maker” by Ari L. Kaplan, is a great tool to help you find ways to create  Continue Reading »

Making the Most Out of Your Summer: Seize Opportunities

Summer is here and you are honing your legal skills at a law firm, government agency or non-profit.  You want to work hard and learn a lot.  But how will you spend your free time?  Summer is the perfect time to seize opportunities and build invaluable connections to help you move forward in your career.  Here are a  Continue Reading »

Succeeding this Summer: How to impress your employer while still getting what you want out of the experience

Succeeding this Summer: Finding a Professional Mentor

This summer is a great time to find a professional mentor.  The benefits for a law student are many.  A mentor can help your professional growth, assist you with setting short-term and long-term career goals, provide you advice and guidance, help you develop professional skills, expand your network and provide encouragement. Some mentoring relationships may be  Continue Reading »