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Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be

Missouri Solo and Small Firm Conference

Establishing a Law Practice in a Small Town or Rural Area

Choosing Small Choosing Smart

Are you interested in building your career at a small firm?  If so, this book, Choosing Small Choosing Smart: Job Search Strategies for Lawyers in the Small Firm Market”, by Donna Gerson, Esq. will be a fantastic resource for any questions you have about small firms – from preparing for interviews to opening a solo practice.   Continue Reading »

Small Firms, Big Opportunity: How to Get Hired (and Succeed) in the New Legal Economy

Where do you want to work? A major decision for many law students is whether they want to work at a “biglaw” firm or a small firm.  Over time, small firms have become more prevalent and now employ a large percentage of attorneys in the U.S.  For students considering working in a small firm, this  Continue Reading »