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The Five Most Inspiring Youth Sports Stories of 2012 Revealed by Prof. Abrams

January 2nd, 2013

Doug Abrams

After coaching youth hockey for 42 years, Prof. Doug Abrams now writes and speaks about coaching, player safety, and sports ethics. Near the end of each year, he pens an op-ed article with the year’s five most inspiring youth sports stories. Each story profiles a player whose sportsmanship and values set a special example.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published Prof. Abrams’ op-ed on December 28. A week earlier, New Hampshire Union Leader sportswriter Jim Fennell devoted a column to Prof. Abrams’ five stories, which Fennell called “a necessary reality check, a way to remember why we get involved. It’s not just about winning or losing…but it’s about teaching kids to do the right things.”

The Union Leader has called Prof. Abrams “one of the people who help serve as the conscience for anyone involved in youth sports,” and “a nationally known authority on youth sports.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune has called him “a national watchdog of youth sports.” The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch has called him “an early crusader for change in youth sports.” Rick Wolff, himself a nationally prominent figure in sports psychology, calls Prof. Abrams “one of the nation’s premier experts in the complex world of sports parenting and amateur sports.”

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