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Prof. Esbeck Speaks at Law & Society Symposium

June 3rd, 2013

Prof. Carl H. Esbeck

Prof. Carl H. Esbeck was invited to participate in the Annual Law & Society Symposium sponsored by the Charleston School of Law and Riley Institute at Furman University, held in late April in the historic district of Charleston, S.C. The topic was the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment, and was keynoted by retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Prof. Esbeck debated with three other speakers on the U.S. Supreme Court’s rules concerning governmental programs that issue grants to private-sector providers of health care and welfare series without regard to the religious character of the providers. The Obama Administration follows the equal-treatment guidelines first laid down in late 2002 during the Bush Administration, and Prof. Esbeck was back then serving in the Department of Justice and had a role in formulating those guidelines. Prof. Esbeck also prepared a paper for the symposium-issue of the Charleston Law Review concerning the matter of plaintiff’s standing to challenge expression by the government that is of religious content. The paper criticizes the Supreme Court for recent cutbacks in its standing doctrine.


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