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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Publishes Prof. Desnoyer’s Op-Ed about St. Louis School Transfers

August 15th, 2013

Prof. Brad Desnoyer

In an op-ed in the St. Louis Post-DispatchProf. Brad Desnoyer examines the current school transfer-crisis in the St. Louis region. He argues that the current school transfer law will hurt unaccredited districts and cause further educational inequities. Further, he states, the crisis illustrates the larger dilemma of inequitable school funding in Missouri.

“It is no revelation that school funding directly correlates to the adequacy of a child’s education,” Prof. Desnoyer says. “And if Missouri wishes to compete nationally and globally, all of our children need adequate educational funding. Yet our system continues to rely too heavily on local property taxes, which guarantees that schools in poor neighborhoods will always be underfunded. The state legislature must create a funding mechanism that guarantees a minimum amount of funding for each district to stay accredited, and that allocates monies to districts based on student-need, so that every child receives equal education dollars.”

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