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Professor Travels to South America to Teach, Present

September 3rd, 2013

Prof. S.I. Strong

Prof. S.I. Strong travelled recently to Cartagena, Colombia, to present a paper on procedural autonomy at the Sixth International Congress of Procedural Law. The paper, which answers the question of why harmonization of common law and civil law procedures is possible in arbitration but not in litigation, is being published in Spanish under the title Por Qué la Armonización de los Procedimientos del Common Law y el Civil Law es Posible en el Arbitraje Pero no en los Litigios? (D.A. Agudelo, trans.). The piece will appear in CULTURA Y PROCESO: 6 CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE DERECHO PROCESAL (anticipated 2013).

While in Colombia, Prof. Strong also taught classes in international commercial arbitration and class arbitration at the University of Medellin and the University of Rionegro.

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